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@hand offers proven enterprise mobility solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities. @hand solutions enable field operations teams to optimize critical job functions, such as substation maintenance, meter services, and pole inspections.

Field force automation is not new to the utilities market. However, many existing solutions lack the flexibility and performance capabilities to achieve their potential. @hand offers solutions that incorporate the most recent innovations in mobile computing, providing customers with easy-to-use applications and easy-to-manage solutions, such as:

  • Maintenance Execution
  • Asset Inspection
  • Asset Tracking
  • Materials Management

@hand helps utilities organizations to leverage their mobile workforce as a strategic operational unit for competitive advantage and revenue optimization. Processes that can benefit from @hand solutions include:

  • Equipment & Pole Inspection
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Line Maintenance
  • Meter Services
  • Supply & Warehouse Management

To learn more about solutions for utilities, contact @hand.

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