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Pipeline Operations

Pipeline operators must deploy a complex network of field resources to maintain, inspect, and track pipeline assets. Within this network, field teams must manage complex information and perform mission-critical tasks to keep the operation running smoothly.

@hand offers mobile solutions for pipeline maintenance, operation, and inspection, and these solutions provides field teams with workflow-specific applications to track essential information such as work orders, equipment, and locations. Solutions include:

  • Maintenance Execution
  • Asset Inspection
  • Asset Tracking
  • Materials Management

Working with @hand, customers can enhance existing processes and design new processes to help ensure adherence to local, state, and federal regulations. Pipeline operators can improve their ability to track and maintain accurate asset information – a critical factor in achieving regulatory compliance in the pipeline business.

Solution Highlights:

  • Work orders updates as well as task and inspection tracking
  • New work order creation and job plan selection
  • Easily search-able asset lists to navigate the thousands of equipment records necessary to capture a complex linear asset
  • Comprehensive processing for “one-call” work orders
  • GPS / GIS integration
Mobile Pipeline Operations
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