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Friday, December 14, 2012

How Do You Get Mobile Software Solutions that Drive Competitive Advantage?

You use providers with experience in complex organizational problem-solving! That's how!

When choosing an enterprise mobile software provider, it’s essential to find a partner with a thorough understanding of your business model and industry at large. This is particularly true for large companies with complex day-to-day business operations and stringent industry regulations, both of which require flexible and adaptable solutions while maintaining the highest standards for data tracking and integrity.

Whether your organization is in the oil and gas,healthcare and life sciences, utilities, construction or engineering industry,, partnering with an enterprise mobility provider with experience in complex organizational problem solving will drive your competitive advantage in your sector. Here are just a few reasons why: 

1. Integration with ERP systems. The larger an organization, the more important enterprise systems like IBM Maximo and Oracle EBS are to maintaining smooth operational flows internally. Your enterprise mobile software provider should have experience integrating outward-facing mobile systems with essential ERPs to help speed business processes and prevent bottlenecks. What’s more, an experienced provider will ensure the smooth transfer and continued integrity of data so that your company can better analyze data, stop problems before they get out of hand and identify new opportunities ahead of your competitors.

2. Mobile solutions that consider logistics. Large companies operate across time zones and manage a diversity of workers who need to communicate quickly and efficiently. The right enterprise mobile software provider will offer an easy to navigate user interface that promotes quick communication and encourages workers to immediately enter data that can then be processed further up the chain, thereby reducing transcontinental impediments to workflow.

3. Industry-specific technology and customization. Whether it’s maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management or field service, the right enterprise mobility solutions provider will use their extensive experience to offer industry-specific technology that can be customized to fit any given company’s needs. An experienced company will already be aware of industry-specific practices and will therefore lead your company towards the most cutting edge technological solutions.

Complex organizations require complex organizational problem solving. Partnering with an enterprise mobile software provider that has extensive experience working with large, complex organizations will help your company find the most streamlined, cutting edge solutions the market has to offer.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Did you catch this month's Mobile Report?

The new issue of The Mobile Report just delivered yesterday contains an article reminding us that when you decide to explore an enterprise-wide mobility strategy, don't forget to take into account the end user experience. Investing in mobility means investing in the end user. When you focus on the ideal end-result, that is, a successful mobile project, your most critical metric is rate of user adoption and acceptance. Including users in the maintenance and inventory work functions, for example, in the process of discovery, evaluation and testing will uncover issues critical to the success of the project, and get higher buy-in to ensure better user adoption and ultimately a more successful mobile report.
Need a break from your work projects? Here's an idea: take part in our end-of-year survey to discover what's on your mobility wish list for 2013, and your wish list will become part of the aggregate data for an infographic we'll share in Janary. 
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Manage Enterprise IT Consumerization by Partnering with the Right Mobile Software Provider

From the healthcare and life sciences industries all the way to the oil and gas sector, IT consumerization is here to stay. Rather than being a scary reality with which companies must contend, many are now seeing the countless benefits that this trend brings; mobile devices, after all, introduce innovations and possibilities that traditional form factors lack, allowing companies far greater flexibility and increased user participation rates.


In order to make the most of mobile device consumerization at the workplace, it’s best to partner with an enterprise mobile software provider that can help your company embrace all that BYOD has to offer. Why?





1. Freedom of choice. In order to create BYOD programs that are truly Bring Your Own Device, companies must allow for a wide range of form factors. However, there should be a company policy in place that limits device selection to those that can meet essential end-user requirements and company needs. What’s more, with more devices on offer, it’s important to partner with a mobile solutions provider who can offer enterprise mobile software that will work with a multitude ofchoices – from iOS to Android to Windows. This is a big shift from traditional device policies, as IT will have to manage development and maintenance of mobile software across so many different systems.


2. Industry and task-specific customization. The right enterprise mobile software provider will create user-centric mobile applications that are right for your specific industry. This will encompass everything a mobile worker might need, from mobile asset management to mobile inventory software, field workforce software and mobile work order software. Your mobile solution should provide essential tools and flexibility while keeping mobile workers away from the complexity and volatility of back-end systems.


3. Secure access to data. Having the right data at the right time is essential to mobile workers and managers throughout the chain of command. The best enterprise mobility solutions leverage mobile software with intelligent transaction routing capabilities as well as security and data protection, such as the ability to remotely wipe corporate data from personal devices that go missing or are stolen.


4. High quality support. The right mobile system will provide a unified mobile strategy while still giving workers maximum choice. To keep that unified system running smoothly, it’s important to partner with an enterprise mobile software provider who can provide rapid and high quality support.


The Takeaway

Done the right way, enterprise IT consumerization should help mobile workers focus on their core tasks, increase autonomy without sacrificing security and data integrity, and comply with complex industry regulations. With the right enterprise mobile software provider, workers will benefit from maximum flexibility and usability, and companies will benefit from increased productivity rate as well as more accurate data collection and analysis.


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