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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to Market Counts. Don't Delay!

by Brandon Rhymes, @hand Account Executive

Shorten the time to market for your solutions. Everyone knows customization is expensive. In the sales conversation we refer to it as the dreaded "C" word. But, just how expensive IS customization? It's more expensive than you think.

In a previous post I demonstrated how a mobile work management application can be worth as much as a $10,000 / day to a company who employs 250 field workers each day. When considering how tailored we want a work management application to be, all of us remember to account for the development and management hours spent running a project. However, we often neglect the $10,000 / day opportunity cost in our calculations.

Time to market counts. And when the value potential of your solution is as high as it is with enterprise mobile software, time to market counts in a very BIG way.

Now, I'm not advocating against customization. Customization is critical to driving end user adoption of your solution and enabling you to craft solutions that address the unique circumstances of your operation and enable you to derive relative advantage over your competition. What I am advocating is that customers be selective in their customization efforts and focus on getting product into the hands of their users quickly. Doing so allows them to realize the value potential of their investment quickly and solicit feedback about their applications early.

The principles of Agile Software development instruct us to release early and release often. The philosophy governing this approach to software development is that we can't possibly know at the outset of a product customization effort the universe of end user requirements for the system we are providing them. Get your solution into the field fast. So what if some people aren't 100% satisfied with the way some facets of your application work on day one?

  • Learn what they like and what they don't like, then
  • Iterate through their suggestions with subsequent releases of your applications to make them better suited to your specific requirements
  • In the meantime, reap the benefits of your investment as you improve upon it. Don't delay!

@hand recently announced a new program for Oracle eAM customers that allows them (in most cases) to install and run a copy of our suite of mobile applications for work management, asset management, and inventory management applications integrated with a test instance of their Oracle eAM system in as little as three days. We are working to roll out similar programs for PeopleSoft and IBM MAXIMO in the months ahead. We are making every effort to shorten the time to market for your solutions. You should be, too.

Contact us today to jump start your enterprise mobility efforts and learn how @hand will quickly deliver value to your organization.

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