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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Case is Clear

by Brandon Rhymes, @hand Account Executive
I'm often asked about the value of the mobile solutions we offer our customers. When most prospective customers pose this question, what they are really asking me is "what are your solutions going to cost?" Instead, what they should be asking is "how much money are your solutions going to make for me?" The case for mobile work management applications is clear. Few enterprise software applications offer the same value with comparably low levels of implementation or benefit realization risk. 
To demonstrate the value of a mobile work management system, let's do a quick thought experiment. Assume, for a moment, that your company is a mid-size industrial firm that employs 250 mobile field workers each day to perform remote tasks like operations inspections, meter readings, or asset maintenance. In your company, field workers carry a clipboard stacked high with their work orders for the day, and as they make their rounds they fill in information about the work they perform or the inspections they complete on the paper forms you provide them. At the end of the day, they return to their desk, log into a terminal, and manually transpose the handwritten information they've gathered while making their rounds into your ERP system. Worse yet, they hand over their stack of reports to someone else to enter. 
If it takes each field worker one hour a day to enter their reports (or someone else on their behalf), your organization is spending over 6 person-weeks (250 hours) a day doing data entry. At a conservative fully-loaded FTE hourly rate of $40, this translates into $10,000 a day. Assuming a 5-day work week, this amounts to $2.6 million a year spent entering field reports. If your company nets 10% to the bottom line, this is equivalent to $26 million of lost revenue! 
You think one hour a day is too aggressive? Cut the number in half. Even if your employees only spend 3 hours a week each doing manual data entry, you are still spending over a million dollars a year on data entry (that's equivalent to $10 million in new business). 
@hand work management applications allow you to reliably implement solutions for field work management.  @hand reduces paper-based field reports, as well as the need to spend thousands of hours a year doing manual data entry. Our solutions for Oracle eAM, IBM Maximo, and PeopleSoft Enterprise Maintenance Management can be implemented in days or weeks from the time of contract and cost a fraction of the amount of money they make you. 
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