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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mobile Strategies for the Federal Sector

In June, we surveyed IT organizations focused on the federal government to gain some key insights regarding the adoption and perception of mobile solutions. The results are enlightening. Even as federal agencies continue to cut IT budgets, respondents overwhelmingly viewed mobility as one of the most significant and important growth areas for the federal sector.  Over 95% of respondents said that mobile applications were a critical part of their solution offerings. But almost 25% identified a lack of expertise in-house for planning or executing a mobile strategy.  
These data points confirm a trend that we see in 2012. As mobility emerges as an increasingly high priority, many government organizations and contractors still struggle to find the right partner to deliver successful mobile solutions. While there is an abundant market of vendors that promote mobility as a competency, we know that government buyers are sensitive to pragmatic realities, such as the specifics of contract vehicles, security credentials, and intellectual property controls. 
From the survey results, it is clear that the federal market places a premium on solution providers with proven technology and a track record of federal government success. For over a decade, @hand has delivered successful mobile solutions within a variety of federal environments, including the defense department and civilian agencies. To learn more, contact @hand or continue to read about our solutions for government.
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