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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Battle of the Mobile Devices - The Results are In!

Last month we asked readers of The Mobile Report to participate in a poll to provide insight into their adoption and plans for mobile hardware platforms. Readers span a broad spectrum across industries, such as oil & gas, manufacturing, and utilities.  Apple took the lead in our poll - 70% of respondents indicated the presence of, or plans for, iPads and/or iPhones in their workplace. Android-based phones and tablets (which include the Samsug Galaxy, Google Nexus and others) took second place with 48%. Windows-based devices followed at about 22% with Blackberry trailing close behind at 17%. 
One observation in our poll is a potential reduction in the interest for rugged mobile hardware. While the rugged category scored in the 30% range, this figure is perhaps lower than would have been discovered in years past. Many enterprises have discovered that smartphones and professional tablets represent a readily-available and cost-effective option for a wide variety of mobile applications. Consider this Forbes article - one of many reporting of iPad adoption in the enterprise.  
The emergence of the iPad and other "pro-sumer" devices provides a great example of how quickly the mobile technology landscape can shift. How many market analysts in 2008-2010 predicted the rapid decline of BlackBerry? These examples highlight the importance of selecting mobile solutions with an eye towards investment protection. It's easy to why so many businesses have placed a premium on enterprise-grade mobile solutions that can balance cross-platform qualities without sacrificing the user experience that is so critical to success with mobility. Click here to learn more about cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions from @hand.

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