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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Empowering the Mobile Worker

A recent Gartner report indicates that 48% of IT executives and CIOs surveyed at enterprises spanning multiple sectors believe their companies can achieve a market leadership position in their sectors by fully adopting innovative mobile solutions that boost their efficiency and productivity.  By embracing the BYOD trend, organizations are discovering they must change the way they think about building and deploying mobile applications to enable a positive user experience for employees and increase adoption. To stay in the game, organizations are forced to seek better ways to provide improved user interfaces for older, less productive business applications.  Consumerization of IT isn't just about the mobile device - it's also about how applications influence change.

As stated by CIO in the recent article “The Right Way to Empower the Mobile Worker”, companies need to respond by being agile and adaptable, even to unprecedented events. "Businesses have to establish best practices that transition as the market transitions," says Ken Dulaney, vice president for mobile computing research at Gartner.  Mobile solution providers who can demonstrate adapability to the changing business trends to align with the organization’s best practices and enable transformative results for them will likely be the best bet to partner with.

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