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Adaptive Mobility Platform

The @hand ADAPTIVE MOBILITY Platform enables developers to create enterprise-grade mobile applications by combining a patented mobile transaction hub, an open application framework, and a flexible architecture for integrating with existing backend systems.

The Backbone of @hand Applications

All @hand applications are built on the @hand Adaptive Mobility Platform. This highly-scalable and flexible technology foundation ensures that @hand applications are always-available, high-performance, and adaptable to enterprise requirements.

A Powerful Foundation for Custom Applications

@hand also offers its platform to deliver customer-specific applications that meet unique requirements. With the @hand Platform, customer applications benefit from the same enterprise-grade software capabilities found in @hand’s applications, such as offline data management, application versioning, administration tools, and integration flexibility.


Always Available Applications

Applications delivered with the @hand Platform benefit from @hand’s market-leading mobile data management architecture that allows apps to function even while disconnected from the network.

Administration Support

@hand provides easy-to-use administration tools for customers or partners to manage users, devices, and application data.

Open and Extensible

@hand applications can be developed quickly with @hand’s platform or with market-leading tools. Applications can interface with device technologies to enable features such as barcode scanning, image capture, and RFID.

Enterprise Performance

@hand software is developed with the needs of the enterprise in mind. Applications powered by @hand work with existing IT standards in the areas of security, authentication, and network access.
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