@hand Solution Overview

Mobile Solutions for a Workforce In Motion

@hand connects mobile workers to the capabilities of enterprise information systems by delivering user-centric mobile applications that align with mobile work processes.  With its Field Mobility System (FMS), @hand offers a patented, mobility-centric architecture and configure-to-order mobile solutions for asset management, inventory management, and field service environments.

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Solutions Powered by Advanced Mobile Technology

@hand FMS applications support a wide variety of mobile devices and work in online and offline scenarios. With support for rugged handhelds, tablets, laptops and smartphones, @hand enables mobile users to connect to enterprise data over any IP-based network.  With @hand's latest product release - FMS 6 - @hand offers support for Windows devices as well as iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, and other devices with HTML 5-compliant browsers.

Business Benefits

@hand customers report the following benefits:

  • Data Integrity: Accelerated data feeds from the field improve the quality and accuracy of information in enterprise systems.
  • Productivity: Field force automation through intuitive mobile applications reduces administrative tasks and paperwork and increases the time available for high-value job tasks and customer interaction.
  • Process Optimization: More accurate and timely information allows management to allocate field resources more effectively and with more accurate data.
  • Compliance: Guided mobile applications with business rules validation helps to ensure operational and regulatory compliance.
  • Total Work Visibility: Strategic mobile enterprise solutions allow organizations to connect frontline work execution with work planning and processing, enabling a comprehensive view of the work cycle.