Mobile Asset Tracking

Maintaining accurate equipment records is often a daunting task for a complex organization. @hand simplifies and optimizes this process with our FMS Mobile Asset Tracking software. @hand works with a variety of auto-ID-enabled mobile devices to provide an integrated solution to capture and report asset location data. Identification options include barcode scanning, RFID, and manual input.

Across all devices and identification technologies, the @hand mobile asset tracking solution provides an intuitive application interface that guides the user through the data collection and verification process. Once data is captured, it is optionally reviewed and approved in the web-based @hand FMS Workbench interface. Approved asset data is securely communicated to systems of record, ensuring a tight integration between @hand FMS and back-end data sources.

Asset Tracking Capabilities:

mobile asset tracking
  • Intuitive mobile applications to track assets and corresponding locations.
  • Features include asset inventories, transfers, and location updates.
  • Asset identification can occur via barcode, RFID, or manual input.
  • Automated discrepancy reports and tracking with the @hand FMS Web Workbench.
  • System integration with common enterprise data sources, such as IBM Maximo®, SAP®, and Oracle®.

@hand FMS Mobile Asset Tracking software supports Windows Mobile® and BlackBerry® devices, and it is easily integrated with other FMS Mobile Asset Management solutions such as Work Orders, Maintenance, Inspection and Operator Rounds.

To learn more about mobile asset tracking, request information or contact @hand.