FMS Mobile Asset Management

Maintenance | Operations | Inspections

@hand provides mobile asset management solutions for organizations responsible for maintaining, tracking, operating, and inspecting enterprise assets. With @hand mobile applications, customers can improve preventive maintenance ratios, reduce equipment downtime, and enhance field asset visibility. Mobile EAM application capabilities include:

Solution Brief

@hand FMS provides mobile asset management teams with intuitive applications for asset-centric data collection, transaction processing, and information retrieval. Because @hand delivers these capabilities to workers at the point of interaction with enterprise assets, the accuracy and quality of field data collection improves.

mobile asset management @hand mobile asset management capabilities include work orders, inspections, operator rounds, and asset tracking. Applications support a variety of devices, including handhelds, tablets, laptops, and smart phones.  

@hand FMS can be deployed to a broad range of users, including field technicians, skilled craftsmen, maintenance supervisors, and upper management. All users benefit from a role-driven system that presents relevant information and capabilities based on job responsibilities.

Mobile Asset Management Benefits

@hand FMS works with off-the-shelf and proprietary EAM, ERP, and CMMS systems, improving the integrity of data and increasing the value of these systems through more efficient data capture and communication.

  • Improve the ratio of preventive maintenance (PM) to corrective maintenance (CM).
  • Enhance the visibility of maintenance and asset status.
  • Increase equipment uptime and utilization.
  • Improve asset data integrity.

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