Manufacturing - Industrial

Manufacturing companies manage a wide range of distributed resources, including plant facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and transport fleets. Mobile workers serve a critical role in this environment, performing functions that range from supply management to equipment maintenance to aftermarket field services. With @hand solutions, manufacturers can automate, modernize, and optimize mobile work processes and connect mobile workers to the central information systems that manage mission-critical work data. 

@hand Field Mobility Solutions for manufacturers include:

@hand mobile solutions are especially relevant for manufacturers implementing Lean Six Sigma processes.  @hand's mobility solutions facilitate the last mile of data collection, record-keeping, and compliance procedures that are often implemented through these initiatives, as well as programs such as Lean Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance, and ISO 9000.

@hand solutions have demonstrated the ability to enhance data quality, improve asset utilization, and reduce equipment downtime. To learn more about mobility solutions for manufacturing, contact @hand.