FMS Web Applications

"Workbench" Applications for Command & Control

FMS offers a fully-connected, browser-based application option that provides users with a command and control interface to track and manage mobile data. While FMS mobile applications present user-specific and location-specific data, Workbench apps provide a more global and centralized view of system data. These applications are typically used by supervisors, managers, and administrators who are responsible for work activities across multiple locations and that involve multiple frontline workers.

Modular Approach

@hand FMS is designed to complement, rather than conflict with, existing ERP, EAM, and CMMS systems. Since @hand recognizes the variable needs of its customers, Web Workbench solution components can be developed and deployed selectively based on customer requirements. For example, customers that lack sufficient support for technician-specific work assignment can use the FMS capability. For other customers that run an existing system that provides this feature, FMS is easily configured to bypass the assignment module and to route work directly to mobile applications.

Common Use Cases

Customers routinely use FMS Web Workbench applications for the following functions:

  • Work Order Assignment
  • Operator Rounds Configuration
  • Equipment Location Tracking
  • Physical Inventory Configuration
  • Notifications Review
  • Transaction Approval
  • Reporting of Mobile Data Events


Like FMS mobile applications, developers also configure Web Workbench apps with the @hand Architect, an easy-to-use, graphical design environment. Using the Architect, solution teams can extend the capabilities offered by the Workbench, as well as develop new Web-based applications.


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