FMS Application Framework

Rapid Mobile Application Development

The @hand FMS Application Framework provides an integrated solution configuration environment, as well as run-time application engines designed to support common mobile platforms. The framework features the @hand Architect, which allows system analysts and software developers to quickly configure @hand applications to customer-specific needs.

FMS Architect features include:

FMS mobile software framework
  • Business Object Modeling
  • Application Form Design
  • Workflow Design
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Application Deployment
  • Custom-Developed Extensions


The FMS Framework balances cross-platform qualities with fit-for-purpose application configuration options that take advantage of the targeted platform.  With this approach, the framework enables solution teams to develop HTML5, Windows PC, Windows Embedded, and traditional Web (ASP.NET) applications.

The Architect is extremely valuable for @hand customers in a post-deployment solution environment. With basic training, customer IT resources can easily perform application updates using the Architect, and without the need to rely on a vendor for simple modifications. Most @hand configuration can be performed with minimal knowledge of programming languages.

An Open Architecture

Importantly, the FMS Framework represents only one option for developing and configuring @hand applications.  With the open architecture of FMS, mobile solution development teams can combine @hand's M-Tier platform technology with external UI or integration tools.  For example, developers could select tools such as jQuery Mobile or Dojo Mobile.

Designed with Solution Partners in Mind

The FMS Framework provides an ideal solution for solution partners to develop enterprise mobile applications specific to their business. To learn more about the benefits of the FMS mobile framework, contact @hand.


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