Monday, July 20, 2015

@hand Announces SAPHRON R2 and Second Generation Product Capabilities

Press Release

July 20, 2015 - Austin, TX - @hand is announcing the availability of SAPHRON R2 – the second generation release of the company’s field mobility application software. 
@hand SAPHRONTM is an application suite that provides enterprise customers with a mobile-first approach to field service optimization. Combining powerful mobile applications and an operational dashboard, SAPHRON enables field teams to execute a variety of work processes, including equipment maintenance, asset inspections, and inventory tracking.
The first release of SAPHRON introduced field inventory tracking and mobile sales order management capabilities. The R2 release builds on this foundation and adds robust work order management and asset management capabilities. With its current set of capabilities, SAPHRON is now positioned as an ideal choice for organizations that require an integrated field mobility solution for work management, asset tracking, and inventory control.
As part of this release, @hand has consolidated many of the feature sets that previously resided in specialized products offered by the company. “SAPHRON R2 represents an exciting inflection point for @hand software,” according to Mike Loos, @hand’s Chief Technology Officer. “By integrating product architectures and roadmaps, @hand can present customers with a single flagship application suite that covers a broad range of use cases.”
Based on @hand’s Adaptive Mobility Platform, SAPHRON combines packaged application software with a powerful and flexible architecture for tailoring solutions to match specific customer needs. SAPHRON appeals to customers looking for field service and field mobility software that adapts to their work processes and that is not disruptive to their business.
Although the product has been available only through a limited release, SAPHRON has achieved significant market wins and positive customer feedback. “SAPHRON is early in its evolution, and it is already emerging as the application backbone for several customers in industries such as oil & gas, facilities management, and life sciences,” according to John Cannington, @hand’s CEO. “The SAPHRON R2 release provides us with the opportunity to introduce the software to a larger market, and @hand is eager to demonstrate the value to new customers and business partners.”
The company expects market demand to increase as additional SAPHRON innovations are introduced in the upcoming months. These new capabilities include a field-directed work scheduling dashboard and a new decision support module.
About @hand
@hand empowers field teams with enterprise-grade mobile applications that unleash new process efficiencies and improve the accuracy of data in backend systems. Since 1998, @hand has served as the field mobility software backbone for numerous Fortune 500 companies and top-tier government agencies.  Based on the patented @hand Adaptive Mobility Platform, @hand mobile applications function online and offline and offer a cross-platform design that supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  To learn more, visit us at
Friday, July 10, 2015

Take Control of Inventory Operations With Enterprise Mobility

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