Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Focus on “First Things First”

by Brandon Rhymes

The enterprise mobility purchase is complex.  Buyers are faced with an array of considerations - What devices to buy?  What is MDM, and do I need it?  What applications do I need?  Should I pursue a best of breed approach, or find a one-stop shop?

Let's address some of these considerations:

1. Mobile Devices - Face it, we can't accomplish anything with mobility without mobile devices.  Device selection is an important consideration to any mobile project, but once you've identified a device for a particular application the incremental expense associated with this aspect of the purchase is relatively easy to factor.  Devices are a non-discretionary component of a mobility purchase, but a device by itself in the hands of your field agent does nothing to solve a business problem.  Devices are a secondary consideration to the mobility purchase.  Eventually, we have to turn our attention to the business applications that will run on the device.

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