Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why CIOs Love (and Hate) Enterprise Mobility

There are 419 million mobile phones in use today, and recent research indicates that business applications represent the fastest growing segment within mobile app stores.  Not surprisingly, IT is scrambling to keep up and meet demand. According to IDG, 71% of CIO's see mobile technology as transformational to the enterprise.  CIO's recognize the tangible business advantages offered by properly-implemented mobile solutions - advantages such as process efficiency, workforce productivity, and cost reduction.
But according to the same study, only 18% of CIOs have a clear strategy to achieve their company's enterprise mobility vision. Why? The reasons are numerous, including competing requirements, fast-evolving technologies, and resource constraints.  In fact, 50% of CIOs respond that they lack adequate mobile developers on staff, and a significant majority of organizations expect to deploy mobile application with heavy customization requirements.  
This emergence of custom application development has inspired some CIOs and IT departments to adopt new development tools to support mobility. These tools, such as jQuery Mobile and Dojo Mobile, provide HTML5-compliant rapid application environments and UI frameworks.  However, development teams must still wrestle with offline application access, intelligent data orchestration, and back-end system connectivity.  We recommend that organizations ensure that they consider the full spectrum of mobile technology challenges before gravitating to the latest "whiz-bang" toolset.  And even when IT adopts these tools, their front-end development convenience should be matched with a robust back-end mobile architecture, and in many cases, a competent solution provider that can incorporate a variety and technologies and techniques to deliver value to the business. 
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Watch the latest episode of @handTV featuring FMS, the star of the new hit show about the value of field mobility solutions in the enterprise. Check out @handTV here on YouTube.
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